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I don’t know why people are so reluctant to say they’re feminists. Maybe some women just don’t care. But how could it be any more obvious that we still live in a patriarchal world when feminism is a bad word? Feminism always gets associated with being a radical movement – good. It should be.
Ellen Page from her Guardian interview “Why are people so reluctant to say they’re feminists?” (via junerebellion)

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Chilling testimony of death row executioners cast shadow over entire system.

Execution teams describe what it feels like to administer the death penalty: knee bucklingly crushingly bad, it seems.

"The Chaplain said, ‘I usually put my hand on their leg right below their knee, you know, and I usually give ‘em a squeeze, let ‘em know I’m right there. You can feel the trembling, the fear that’s there, the anxiety that’s there. You can feel the heart surging, you know. You can see it pounding through their shirt.’

The warden asks the condemned man if he has any last words he’d like to say… some inmates decline to speak, some sing, some pray. Some apologize. Some will declare, for one last time, that an innocent man is being killed. 

The Chaplain said, ‘I’ve had several of them where [I’m] watching their last breath go from their bodies and their eyes never unfix from mine. I mean actually lock together. And I can close my eyes now and see those eyes. My feelings and my emotions are extremely intense at that time. I’ve never … I’ve never really been able to describe it. And I guess in a way I’m kind of afraid to describe it. I’ve never really delved into that part of my feelings yet.’

One warden said, ‘You’ll never hear another sound like a mother wailing when she is watching her son be executed. There’s no other sound like it. It is just this horrendous wail. It’s definitely something you won’t ever forget.’”

Read the article at PolicyMic.

The only two things in my politics I flat-out refuse to compromise on are my stances on gun control and the death penalty.





Beyond this being really cool, I just gotta say…



This is awesome.

don’t act offended when people think you’re queer is probably something that needs to be bolded and highlighted imo. queer is not a joke or an insult, if someone assumes you’re queer just politely correct them. damn its not so hard.

Anatomy of an unsafe abortion





Anonymous asked:

wait how is consumer actvism pointless? like ok i just read on wikipedia its says "Goals include making goods and services available to consumers safer, better quality, environmentally friendly, and more readily available." pls explain


its all around silly. if I stopped buying things just because I don’t like how a company operates then I wouldn’t buy anything ever again because all businesses are shitty. I’d have to go live in the woods or something. it’s so pointless because it avoids the problem and it’s just personal escapism. the market isn’t controlled by people, it’s controlled by the companies, and when you get into the ethical consumerism and what you should/shouldn’t buy, you essentially start blaming the victim in saying that it’s our responsibility to buy things from companies that aren’t as evil when really we should be blaming the companies for being evil. it’s not like they aren’t aware that the slavery that they’re relying on isn’t ethical until people boycott them. and then people will say well “you shouldn’t buy from _____ because ____” and that’s so shitty because you’re trying to tell someone that may not be able to afford anything else that they’re a bad person for not being as well-off as you and able to buy your $20 bottle of organic free-range maple syrup or whatever. most importantly though, it doesn’t actually do anything. capitalism is going to overproduce because that’s how it makes money. a company might make 1,000,000 jars of pickles and sell all of their produce to the wal-marts of the world, but they’ve already made a sale. if people don’t buy them from wal-mart, then wal-mart takes the hit and has to put those jars of pickles on clearance just so that they can try to make some money. because of this, the pickle company has an incentive to overproduce and just sell lots of pickles to lots of different companies. if you decide to not buy pickles, you’re not really hurting the company. you can’t say “I just don’t want to give my money to that company” because unless you’re walking up to the pickle factory and handing your money to the CEO, chances are you’re not actually giving your money to the pickle company. if you want change, it’s not going to happen just because you don’t like wal-mart or nike or apple or whatever. this is especially important for socialists to recognize because consumer activism just legitimizes the idea of the market as a democratic thing when it’s not. if you want to end shitty business practices, then fight for socialism. don’t waste everyone’s time by trying to convince yourself that you’re doing a good thing by not buying from a certain company. that sort of personal liberation only satisfies and subdues tendencies that could lead to collective liberation. consumer activism is pointless and shitty. #food

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