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EDITORIAL: Wyoming town taken over by an Indian tribe

Residents of Riverton, a quiet town of 11,000 in Wyoming, were shocked to wake up one recent morning to learn they were now Indians. Sort of. Their town had been taken over by an Indian tribe without a bullet or arrow being fired. This hasn’t happened since Gen. William Tecumseh Sherman, having put the torch to the South, arrived to take on the Nez Perce. Yet no battles took place last month. The Environmental Protection Agency simply approved an application by the Northern Arapaho and Eastern Shoshone tribes to declare the newly expanded tribal region henceforth be treated “as a state.”

This is pleasant news.

I want some sources tho :)

Oh my fuck….apparently this happened and conservatives are shitting themselves over it



Like, they could have written the fuckin article without this bullshit though.

"Thousands of Wyoming palefaces were swept into Indian jurisdiction, without treaty or authorization of Congress. Riverton residents didn’t even get any beads.”

You serious, Washington Times?

^ those were the conservatives losing their shit I was referring to. So no apparently they couldn’t NOT be racist because this is reverse colonization or some shit LMAO

Most of the writing about this online at all is from really pissed off white ppl

This is great! (Obv the event and not how media is responding to it)

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    From what I have seen this happened back in December and January. The locals are carrying on as business as usual....
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